We’re Almost There

23 Nov 2017

Andrew Blanshard, DTMH September 2017

It's been four days since we finished our DTM&H exams. If you read Pan’s blog last week the I can confirm that she was right about the class fever. But, rest assured that it has been cured with much group therapy over the weekend.

So why are we still here you might ask? Well some of the course are undertaking an additional obstetric course (I had been planning to do this and then spent the money that I’d put aside for it - oops), some of us are making the most of being able to lie in to 11 o clock (myself included), and we are all organising the very last DTM&H social event of 2017: International Night!

International Night has been held on every DTM&H course since 1905 (ok, that might not be true…but it has been going on a long time). It involves an evening of merriment, silliness and festivity that is organized by every cohort of students, thus it is different every time it happens. I attended one during my master’s degree at LSTM four years ago and was amazed at the talented, funny and usually downright bizarre performances that took place. This year promises to be no different, and as I write this there are several groups of DTM&H students working on their acts for the big night all around the school.

Having said that, I’d best be getting back to rehearsals; that dance routine isn’t going to plan itself. So if you’re around on Thursday then I hope you can join us. All LSTM staff and students are welcome and we’re starting at 7pm prompt, The Bullring Bar (down the road from the school).

Bring only yourselves and an open mind. See you there!