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In 2020 the world changed, as the COVID-19 pandemic swept across every continent.

The implications for health systems, the economy, and our society were profound. The scale of global inequalities was exposed. In some countries, the health systems have been decimated by the pandemic. Perhaps for the first time, we were reminded how vulnerable we all are.

Diseases do not respect geographical boundaries and a more connected world means we are all invested in better health outcomes for everyone. No matter what advances we make in science and medicine, the impact will be limited if we cannot address access and capacity issues.

To achieve global health security, we need to strengthen health systems and bridge health inequalities. A highly trained health workforce is critical to building resilience and address major challenges such as emerging infections, pandemics and resistance through global efforts.

Our 125 Anniversary Campaign aims to do this, by investing in brilliant people and partnerships to bridge the gap in health and scientific capacity around the world.

Why is your support important? 

Support from donors enables us to push the boundaries of traditional research and statutory funding.  They allow the freedom to develop solutions which will catalyse new knowledge and research funding, ultimately decreasing reliance on aid.  

Donations enable us to invest in new, untested and perhaps unconventional ideas and the most promising students and scientists.  These are the people who will lead the world in finding solutions to humanity biggest health challenges.

Donations allow the flexibility to work with new partners and support them in developing their own research infrastructure and competitiveness.  This creates collaborations which are responsive to regional challenges, but which have the potential to benefit human health worldwide. 

We invite you to join us in bridging health inequalities and securing healthy futures for all.  

To discuss supporting LSTM, please contact the team via: or by calling +44 (0) 7714 481656.

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To discuss supporting LSTM, please contact the team via:

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