Quality manual

LSTM’s quality framework covers a wide range of Codes of Practice, Procedures and Guidelines all of which are in place to ensure that we continue to develop and maintain high standards of academic excellence.

During 2022 All of LSTM’s regulations, policies, codes of practice and Handbooks are under review, with significant updates expected to be made to all postgraduate taught documents and the potential for more minor changes to postgraduate research documents.  This includes all documents listed here and those held on our intranet.  Any questions about the review can be directed to the Academic Registrar Sarah O’Keeffe via email to sarah.okeeffe@lstmed.ac.uk Please note that the updated documents will be in place for September 2022.

Student Charter 

Student Charter 

The following applies to all LSTM students:


REG 01 Regulations for Postgraduate Taught Programmes

REG 03 Regulations for postgraduate research degrees v 1.1


LSTM Intellectual Property Policy


LSTM Taught Masters Student Handbook 2019/20

A Student Guide to LSTM

LSTM Professional Diploma Student Handbook 2019/20

PGR Student Handbook 2019/20

Student Advice and Wellbeing (SAW): Statement of Service 

Codes of Practice

LT COP 01 Code of Practice on Admissions

LT COP 02 Code of Practice on Payment and Refund of Tuition Fees

LT COP 03 Code of Practice on Hosting of Visiting Students

LT COP 04 Code of Practice on Student Engagement and Enhancing the Student Experience

LT COP 05  Code of Practice on Monitoring Student Attendance (Tier 4)

LT COP 06  Code of Practice on External Examining of Taught Progranmmes

LT COP 08 Code of Practice on Design, Approval, Monitoring & Review of Taught Programmes

LT COP 09 Code of Practice on Student Support & Welfare

LT COP 10 Code of Practice on Assessment & Feedback 

LT COP11 Code of Practice on Monitoring Student Progression & Conduct of Boards of Examiners

LT COP 12 Code of Practice on Academic Integrity

LT COP 13 Code of Practice on Postgraduate Research Degrees

Student Protection Plan – Code of Practice

IS/CP/001 Code of Practice for the Management of Records and Information at LSTM


Procedure for the Provision of Feedback to Students  

Procedure for Dealing with Academic Appeals

Procedure for Dealing with Student Complaints 

Procedure for Agreeing Access Arrangements for a Postgraduate Research Thesis

Appendices to the Postgraduate Research Code of Practice

Appendix 1 – Procedure on Academic Integrity for Postgraduate Research Degrees
Appendix 2 – Procedure for Appealing against the Outcome of a Postgraduate Research Degree Examination
Appendix 3 – Procedure for Examination of a Research Degree Thesis
Appendix 4 – Procedure for Monitoring the Academic Progress of Postgraduate Research Students
Appendix 5 – Procedure for Off-site and Split-site Research Degree Study
Appendix 6 – Procedure for Remote Oral Examination of a Research Degree
Appendix 7 – Procedure for Requesting an Extension, Withdrawal, or Suspension of Studies for Postgraduate Research Students
Appendix 8 – Procedure for Submission of a Research Degree Thesis
Appendix 9 – Procedure for Supervision of Postgraduate Research Students
Appendix 10 Procedure for Undertaking the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Published Work

Use of Student Data

LSTM student data privacy statement