Innovative interventions to enhance the availability and quality of healthcare

The EMOC unit designs and delivers practical competency-based interventions to build the capacity of healthcare providers to provide effective, good quality care to mothers and babies. The design of our interventions is collaborative – In Kenya we have worked closely with the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders to test and adapt our capacity-building interventions to local contexts. 

The Unit has delivered this EmOC&NC training package to healthcare providers across all 47 counties in Kenya.

In just one of our four programmes in Kenya - our MiH Expansion programme – The EmOC&NC package has:

  • Trained 9,219 healthcare workers, 291 Master trainers and 94 Course Directors
  • Trained 481 medical interns and 169 midwifery tutors.
  • Set up and supported skills labs in 14 midwifery schools and 2 medical schools.
  • Provided regular 3-monthly supportive supervision to all healthcare facilities supported since 2015.  

EMOC training in India

Making it Happen with Data
This one-day training course aims to increase the awareness of importance of good quality data collected in facilities, and to improve the skills of those working in the facilities to manage and use the data collected.
In Kenya, LSTM has trained X healthcare providers through the MiH with Data workshop

Quality improvement (QI)

Our bespoke QI training package aims to develop a culture of quality improvement, increase awareness of the importance of data, strengthen data collection and introduce QI methodologies. This includes:

    • maternal and perinatal death reviews
    • standards-based audits
    • maternal death surveillance and response (MDSR)

Our QI training is split into two phases. During phase one, we also support participants and their newly established or revitalised facility-based QI teams to develop and implement facility QI Action Plans. During phase 2 (3 months later), participants provide an update on implementation progress with their plans. These are revised as necessary.

In Kenya, through our MiH Expansion programme:

  • Over 1,000 participants have completed quality improvement training.
  • QI teams have been supported to conduct maternal and perinatal death audit, identify areas for quality improvement, take action and track improvements.
  • 93 MPDSR national assessors have been trained

“Doing well - the skills continue to develop as a trainer has continued with on-site mentorship. Yesterday the skills worked for a mother with severe PPH. Thank you to LSTM!”

“I went through one of the best and most beneficial trainings in my nursing career, thanks to you I am now confident in managing mothers and assisting them through a safe delivery both for them and their newborns.

“The training was good and helpful coz it has enabled us save mothers and newborns lives in terms of providing better health care to them especially through safe deliveries”


“I am so grateful for the training I got courtesy of LSTM. It has enabled me and others to work effectively and efficiently hence saving lives of many neonates.