LIV-TB is a cross-campus collaboration between the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the University of Liverpool. We hold a monthly seminar with a presentation on a TB related theme by members of the group or visiting researchers in the field, followed by wide-ranging discussion and update.

For further information about Liv-TB please contact Dr Tom Wingfield.

2019 LIV-TB Schedule

11th December

Exploring post-primary infection in Mycobacterium tuberculosis using a hybrid discrete-continuum cellular automaton model
CTID Boardroom 1.00pm-2.00pm, LSTM
Dr Ruth Bowness 
 21st  November  Diagnostic accuracy of a new urine LAM test in hospitalised HIV patients: SILVAMP TB LAM ('FUJILAM') 
CTID Boardroom 12.00-1.00pm, LSTM
 Dr Bianca Sossen, University College London
 17th October Predicting and preventing tuberculosis
CTID Boardroom 12.30-1.30pm, LSTM 
 Dr Matthew Saunders 
 26th September Birat Nepal Medical Trust : improving health and wellbeing in Nepal 
Wolfson 8,12.30-1.30pm, LSTM
Ms Kritika Dixit & Mr Tara Aryal 
19th  September Mass Radiography Revisited
CTID Boardroom 12.30-1.30pm, LSTM
Dr Liz Joekes 
15th August Beyond the individual: how do communities respond to ill health?  Implications for measuring catastrophic costs due to TB.
CTID Boardroom 12.30-1.30pm, LSTM
 Dr Nicola Foster, Research Fellow, Lancaster University 
18th July

Preventing TB: the problems, the solutions and the problems with the solutions. 
CTID Boardroom 12.30-1.30pm, LSTM 

Dr Tom Wingfield, Senior Clinical Lecturer, Departments of Clinical Sciences and International Public Health, LSTM

20th June

Methods of estimating the burden of drug-resistant tuberculosis. 
Director's Meeting Room 12-1pm, LSTM
Dr Pete Dodd, Senior Research Fellow, School of Health & Related Research, University of Sheffield, UK
16th May

Virtual Implementation Modelling for TB and MDR-TB Diagnosis in Cavite Province, Philippines
CTID Boardroom 1-2pm, LSTM 

Ewan Tomeny, Researcher at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
18th April 

OMNIgene and PrimeStore transport media for sputum samples. Can we skip the cold chain? 
CTID Boardroom 1-2pm, LSTM 

 Nadia Kontogianni, Research Technician, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
21st March 

TB treatment difficulties and the disease burden in South Africa
Director's Meeting Room 12-1pm, LSTM

 Dr Samantha Donnelan, Researcher at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
21st February  Tools and strategies to improve TB mortality estimates
Director's meeting Room, 12.30-1.30pm, LSTM
Dr Alberto Garcia Basteiro, TB research Coordinator Centro de Investigação em Saúde de Manhiça
17th January  The Nuts and Bolts of Tuberculosis nursing 
CTID Board room 12-1pm, LSTM
Mrs Sue Jamieson, TB Specialist Nurse, Liverpool TB Service

2018 LIV-TB schedule

13th December

Drug repositioning for tuberculosis: old drugs, new uses?
CTID Board room 3-4pm, LSTM

Dr Antonina Wasuna, Post-doctoral researcher, University of Cape Town

13th December 

Host microbiome interactions in chronic lung disease
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM

Prof James Chalmers, Chair of Respiratory Research, University of Dundee

16th November 

Global political leadership to end TB: a report from the UNHLM
CTID Meeting Rooms 1-3. 1-1.45pm, LSTM

The Rt Hon Nick Herbert CBE MP, followed by a Q&A

18th October

Time-to-event outcomes in clinical trials of tuberculosis treatment
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM

Dr Laura Bonnett, Department of Biostatistics, University of Liverpool, UK

20th September 

The UN high level meeting on TB: a unique opportunity to end the epidemic
Nuffield Lecture Theatre 1-2pm, LSTM

Dr Tom Wingfield, Clinical Lecturer, LIV-TB lead, University of Liverpool & LSTM

22nd August 

The epidemiology of Aspergillosis in LMICS : what do we know and where are the gaps
Meeting Room 2, Wolfson Building, 1-2pm, LSTM

Prof David Denning, National Aspergillosis Center, University of Manchester, UK

19th July  Studying the intrapulmonary pharmacology and immunology of tuberculosis therapy in Malawi
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM
Dr Andrew McCallum, Clinical PhD fellow, Wellcome Trust Liverpool Glasgow, Centre for Global Health Research  
14 June  Tuberculosis contact tracing in London 
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM
Dr Sean Cavany, Post-doctoral scientists, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
17th May  IMPALA: The next big eye deer in Lung Health and TB
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM
Dr Kevin Mortimer , Reader in Respiratory Medicine, LSTM 
19th April Screening for latent TB infection in people living with HIV : guidelines versus real-world practice in a UK HIV centre 
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM
Dr Steven Aston, NIHR Clinical Lecturer, IGH, University of Liverpool
15th March Genetic diversity helps detect recent tuberculosis transmission
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM
Dr Preye Ayabina, Research Assistant, LSTM
15th February  An update on the prevention and cure of tuberculosis in children
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM
Dr Paddy McMaster, Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases. 
18th January

The health economics analysis and an update on the STREAM study
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM
Laura Rosu, Health Economist, LSTM


2017 LIV-TB schedule

16th November 

Pharmacodynamics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA gyrase inhibitors
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM

Emmanuel Moyo, PhD Candidate, LSTM

 19th October 

Integrating animal and human TB research, policy, and prevention practices
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM

 Dr Camille Bellet, Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of Liverpool
 27th September Why are TB patients with complex needs less likely to complete TB treatment
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM
Jeniffer Mithoo, TB Specialist Nurse and PhD candidate, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
 27th July An overview of the national tuberculosis control strategy in England
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM
 Dr Paul Cleary, Consultant Epidemiologist Public Health England
 22nd June Not another randomised controlled trial: TB modelling, evidence synthesis, and anecdote
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM
Dr Bhagteshwar Singh,
Specialist Registrar in Infection Royal Liverpool Hospital and LSTM
 18th May Long term sequelae of pulmonary TB including the hidden burden of chronic pulmonary aspergillosis
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM

Dr Iain Page,
Academic Clinical Lecturer in Infection, University of Manchester


20th April 2017

A career in TB in north west England and the current landscape of TB care and prevention
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM

Professor Peter Ormerod, Professor of Respiratory Medicine at The Universities of Manchester and Central Lancashire and NICE TB Guideline Development Group

23rd March 2017

The role of mathematical modelling in preventing TB transmission
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM

Dr Thomas House
Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, University of Manchester


16 February 2017

Improving routine services for chronic cough in primary care in Malawi; the potential effect on TB case finding
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM

Prof Bertie Squire, LSTM Chair in Clinical Tropical Medicine, Director CAHRD
26th January 2017 Biomarkers in tuberculosis clinical trials
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM

Dr Gerry Davies, Infectious Diseases Consultant Physician and Reader in Clinical Pharmacology, University of Liverpool

2016 LIV-TB schedule

24th November 

Identifying and addressing underserved contacts of TB patients in north west England 

CTID Board room 2-3pm

Dr Tom Wingfield


27th September 

PK meta-analysis and pharmacogenetics of RIF.

CTID Directors Meeting Room 2-3pm, LSTM

Dr Gerry Davies (replaced by Henry Pertinez)
25th August

Two’s company, three’s a crowd: Tuberculosis, HIV and severe acute malnutrition in South African children. 

CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM

Dr Hugh Adler

21st July

Patient’s experiences of TB treatment in the North West and the real challenges they face! 

Update from STAG-TB 13-16June 2016

CTID Directors Meeting Room 2-3pm, LSTM

Speaker 1: Jenny Walker. 

Speaker 2: Professor Bertie Squire

 23rd June New Molecular Diagnostic Tests for TB-PROVE IT (Policy Relevant Outcomes from Validating Evidence on ImpacT)
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM
 Dr Rory Dunbar
 24th May Nanomedicine for the treatment of TB
CTID Directors Meeting Room 2-3pm
 Dr Samantha Donnellan
 19th April

End TB strategy: the need to reduce risk Inequalities
CTID Directors Meeting Room 2-3pm

 Dr Gabriela Gomes
 22nd March

Low dose linezollid therapy attains putative pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic efficacy and toxicity targets in TB:
A meta-analysisand Monte Carlo simulation

CTID Directors Meeting Room 2-3pm

 Dr James Millard
 23rd February

The effects of Household Air Pollution (HAP) on alveolar macrophages and MTb infection

CTID Directors Meeting Room 2-3pm

Vera Unwin
 4th February 

Modelling for Policy: A model of the economic impact of TB control interventions for guiding investment decisions according to multiple criteria.

CTID Directors Meeting Room 2-3pm

 Dr Fiammetta Bozzani
26th January

Addressing poverty to control TB: lessons for UK practice from Peru
CTID Directors Meeting Room 2-3pm

Dr Tom Wingfield




2015 LIV-TB schedule 



TB Cochrane Reviews at LSTM
CTID Directors Meeting Room 2-3pm

 Hannah Ryan

20th Oct 2015

Clinical Trials & Tuberculosis: Opportunity to Advance Social Justice?

Nuffield Lecture Theatre 5pm

Carole Mitnick

27th Oct 2015

Tuberculosis in Vietnam - Research activities and development of diagnostic tools
CTID Directors Meeting Room 2-3pm

Van Anh Nguyen

​5th Nov 2015

​North West TB Conference
Liverpool Medical Institute - all day
(requires separate registration)

Multiple speakers

24th November

“The HomeACF Study: A cluster randomised trial of index case-based household active case finding for TB and HIV in South Africa”
CTID Directors Meeting Room 2-3pm


15Th December LIV-TB xmas LUNCH 12-2+  Hope Street

Peter MacPherson