Making it Happen- National Scale up (including pre-service) in Kenya

Project 23 Feb 2021

LSTM is supporting the Kenya Ministry of Health (MoH) Reproductive and Maternal Health Services Unit (RMHSU) to update MDSR guidelines, implement a quality improvement package in all the 47 counties of the country, and strengthen central coordination of MDSR. The quality improvement (QI) package strengthens the capacity of healthcare workers and managers to: conduct maternal death reviews, develop standards of care, conduct standards-based audits, and establish a quality improvement committee for timely notification and uploading of MDR forms into the HMIS.

To strengthen central level coordination of MDSR, the LSTM has initiated a system for qualitative review and confidential enquiry into maternal deaths at national level, with technical support from the UK and South Africa where confidential enquiry into maternal deaths (CEMD) is well established. LSTM is also supporting the RMHSU to establish a national MDSR Secretariat based in the Division of Family Health, specifically to: 1) coordinate and plan activities of the national MDSR committee and national assessors, 2) coordinate retrieval and anonymisation of facility case notes, 3) oversee aggregation and analysis if data via the Maternal Mortality Analysis and Aggregation System (MaMAS), and produce annual reports.