CNTD has worked extensively with Malawi to plan and undertake a programme of MDA to eradicate Lymphatic Filariasis. 

We were involved in the initial mapping of LF prevalence in Malawi. After this, we supported the training of 28,644 community drug distributors and supported 58,821,237 treatments of LF MDA. After a successful MDA campaign, we have supported Malawi in two Transmission Assessment Surveys (TAS) and are working with the country in developing a post-MDA surveillance strategy to ensure that the disease does not return.

CNTD has worked with the MOH to undertake a morbidity burden assessment using the MeasureSMS MHealth tool, with 351 workers trained in using the system to date. We have assisted in the provision of hydrocelectomies through supporting the training of surgeons as well as hydrocelectomy initiatives that have resulted in 326 hydrocelectomies being performed to date.  As part of the long term care of lymphoedema patients, we have worked to build capacity through the training of 468 health workers in lymphoedema management and  referral of patients to appropriate services. To measure the impact of MMDP services, CNTD has supported the design and implementation of best practise tools to monitor and evaluate morbidity management control activities in Malawi. This has included pre- and post-surgery assessments to explore the improvements in quality of life of hydrocele patients who have undergone CNTD-supported hydrocele surgery. Also, impact assessments to determine the effect of home-based care training on lymphoedema patients; and studies to determine the burden of hydrocele and lymphoedema conditions on caregivers.