CNTD has worked extensively with Ethiopia to plan and undertake a programme of MDA to eradicate Lymphatic Filariasis. 

We were involved in the initial mapping of LF prevalence in Ethiopia. After this, we have supported the training of over 11,000 community drug distributors  on MDA implementation and treated close to 4 million people..  We have assisted Ethiopia in their assessment of MDA effectiveness through MDA coverage surveys, surveys of CDDs and further operational research projects..

Ethiopia has an established Morbidity Management and Disability Prevention programme for LF, which is integrated with podoconiosis CNTD has worked with the National Podoconiosis Action Network (NaPAN) and the FMOH to undertake a morbidity burden assessment in 20 districts with the MeasureSMS MHealth tool trialled in two of these districts. . We have assisted in the provision of services for morbidity management and disability prevention (MMDP) by supporting the development of an integrated MMDP guideline, and by supporting the training of community health workers on integrated lymphoedema management for LF and podoconiosis. In collaboration with the Ethiopian Surgical Society and the FMOH, CNTD have also supported the development of a hydrocele surgery manual, conducted a hydrocele training of trainers in which surgeons from each region of Ethiopia were trained on hydrocele surgery best practise, and have supported 170 hydrocelectomies to date. .  As part of the integration of MMDP care into the health system, CNTD are currently supporting capacity building and delivery of MMDP services in 3 districts of Ethiopia with NaPAN and the FMOH.