CNTD has worked with the Bangladesh Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Filarial Elimination Programme (FEP) on planning and undertaking their very successful programme of MDA since 2001. 


We have supported the training of 7865 Community drug Distributors and MDA; treating 21,900,660 over 7 years support. We have assisted Bangladesh in their assessment of MDA effectiveness through MDA coverage surveys, and supported TAS in 19 Evaluation Units.

Bangladesh has an established Morbidity management and Disability Prevention programme for LF. CNTD has worked with the FEP to undertake morbidity burden assessments with supporting the training of 1793 workers patient searching. We have assisted in the provision of Hydrocelectomies through supporting Hydrocelectomy initiatives that have resulted in 143 hydrocelectomies being performed.  As part of the long term care of Lymphoedema patients, we have worked to build capacity through the training of 1770 health workers in lymphoedema management and by confirming the effectiveness of this training through health worker assessment.