Working together with surgical teams based in provincial hospitals across Mozambique, CNTD has been able to provide support for life changing hydrocele surgery with funding from UK Aid.   In 2016, the country’s surgeons have operated on over 3,000 men and a further 8,000 surgeries are scheduled to take place in 2017.  Each surgery costs less than £20. 

 In the northern province of Nampula, the provincial health service broadcast a radio programme about hydrocele, followed by radio messages to inform people that surgery was now available, free of charge and that men should go to their nearest district hospital to be assessed.   The response has been astounding with over 5,000 men now registered for surgery in this province alone. 

Girio, a 26 year old agricultural worker, is married with a family and has suffered from scrotal swelling (hydrocele) caused by LF since he was 11.   After hearing the radio broadcast, he travelled to Angoche  district hospital and was assessed and registered for surgery immediately. 

His condition caused him considerable pain and severely affected his ability to do his job and the attacks of fever meant that he had to take several days off work each month. Simple things like sitting or getting out of a chair were becoming more difficult as was his ability to help with household activities and attend social and leisure activities in his community.   He had severe concerns about his future because of his condition and the whole family’s livelihood was affected.

Through the support of UK Aid and CNTD, Girio received the surgery he needed to remove the hydrocele which has enabled him to get back to his family and work, free from the pain of this disabling condition.

 Girio says “Now I am fine and I can work in the field, the surgery has changed my life”