Progress on MMDP

CNTD has been working with its project countries since 2015 to scale up their Morbidity Management and Disability Prevention (MMDP) programmes.

Currently, 10 project countries have MMDP work plans in place and are developing their MMDP programmes to (a) assess the burden of the disease and (b) to provide a basic package of care to LF patients

Since 2015

  • MeasureSMS (an Mhealth tool developed by CNTD to assist in assessing the burden of disease) has been used to identify and report 20,000 people with clinical LF;
    • in 7 project countries
    • over 28 implementation units
    • in populations totalling 35.8 million people
  • 8,200 health workers have been trained to recognise and report clinical cases of LF to the appropriate health professional

This training assists both in the assessment of the burden of the disease and in ensuring that lymphoedema sufferers are provided with access to appropriate care.

  • 9,700 health workers have been trained in lymphoedema basic care techniques

It has been shown that these techniques, which include a washing regime, wound dressing, exercises and raising of the limb can, along with annual medication, significantly reduce the number of acute attacks, prevent the progression of the disease and even reduce swelling.

  • 10,000 hydrocelectomies have been performed in 7 project countries

 Additionally, patients are being interviewed both before and after surgery to understand the impact the surgery on patients and their families and to help refine best practice on post-surgical care and support.