Progress on Mass Drug Administration (MDA)

CNTD has been working with its twelve programme countries since 2009 to provide preventative chemotherapy for Lymphatic Filariasis in the form of yearly, Mass Drug Administrations (MDAs). 



Since 2009

  • More than 217 million people have been treated in CNTD supported MDA campaigns.

This has resulted in 71 million people no-longer being at risk of infection by LF. It is estimated that 13.3 million infections and 2.3 million disabilities have therefore been prevented.

The cost of providing these drugs ranges from below 1 pence per person treated to 8 pence per person treated. 

  • Over 510,000 community drug distributors have been trained to distribute drugs during the campaigns. 
  • 11 project countries have scaled up their MDA campaigns to achieve 100% geographical coverage and have conducted at least 3 successful rounds of MDA, providing treatment to the whole population living within areas that are at risk of LF.  

10 of these countries have verified treatment numbers through WHO validated coverage surveys.

8 of these countries have also conducted surveys (TAS) in at least one endemic district and successfully verified that transmission of the infection has been interrupted.