Zambia: Beneficiary feedback on 2015 MDA

The Zambian Ministry of Community Development, Mother & Child Health (MCDMCH) co-ordinated its first MDA campaign for schistosomiasis from the 26th-31th January 2015. The MDA targeted all school-age children and high-risk adults for treatment with praziquantel for schistosomiasis in all districts of Lusaka Province. School-age children in Lusaka District only were also treated with albendazole for soil-transmitted helminths. The MDA distribution was both community and school-based.

Supervision of MDA planning and implementation was undertaken by the central, provincial and district teams the week prior to MDA implementation and continued throughout the implementation phase. CNTD staff provided programmatic and technical assistance and joined the supervision teams. Information obtained by CNTD staff during these supervisions through conversations with district staff, health care workers, CDDs and teachers formed the basis of this feedback. 

RESULT: This feedback helped shape the Community Drug Distributor survey which was developed by CNTD to obtain feedback from beneficiaries as part of the coverage survey.  The documentation of feedback also provided important lessons learnt and best practice for future MDA implementation in Zambia.