Taher Qassim MBE - 'A shepherd in Public Health'

Taher talks about his experience of public health in Liverpool and Yemen and his role in various projects in Liverpool, including his key role in the Liverpool Arab Arts Festivals which he chaired for 20 years.

Taher was born in Yemen and studied in Yemen, Sweden, and England. He has worked in Primary Health Care, Public Health and has been involved in community development and participation locally, regionally and internationally over the last 34 plus years. Part of this work was in different countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Taher is currently a full-time Public Health Practitioner with Liverpool City Council. His role is to work collaboratively with different partners delivering services on public health priorities for the people of Liverpool. Over the last four years, Taher played a leading role in the bowel cancer screening programme in Liverpool. This role is looking at the strategic overview and the delivery of screening services ensuring people from different backgrounds are given similar opportunities to improve the quality of their lives.

Taher was a founder member and a leader of a few local and national voluntary organisations including a co-founder and the chair of the Liverpool Arabic Centre, a co-founder and the chair of the Liverpool Arab Arts Festival, a chair of Merseyside Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) consortium, a chair of the National Yemeni Community Coordinating Council (YCCC) UK, a co-founder of Liverpool Friends of Yemen for peace, and a member of the International British Yemeni Society Committee. Taher was awarded MBE in September 2007 for his contribution to improving achievements in education among young BAME communities.