LSTM hosts LEAP student led debate on ‘Professionalisation of Humanitarian Practice’

News article 7 Nov 2019

To mark the arrival of LEAP students in the UK for their second semester of study, students led a debate on the topic of ‘The Professionalisation of Humanitarian Practice.’

The debate was chaired by Vickie Hawkins, Executive Director, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) UK and facilitated by the LSTM LEAP Programme Lead, Mary Lyons, and the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute(HCRI), University of Manchester, Programme Lead, Dr Jiho Cha.

The debate was preceded by a seminar given by Christopher Lockyear, MSF International Secretary General, on the evolving challenges of working within humanitarian settings. It provided an opportunity for the LEAP students and other staff and students to attend and gain direct insight on the effects of the refugee crisis, climate changes, terrorism and counter terrorism on humanitarianism.












Michael Lurie, Director of Partnerships at LSTM, said: “Having a student-led panel discussion gave some incredible insights into the experience and diversity of the students on the LEAP programme and the challenges they face. Their study on the LEAP programme is testament to the commitment to enhance and share best practice across the humanitarian sector. We are proud to be hosting this event in partnership with MSF and HCRI.”

The LEAP programme is also open to candidates from outside MSF, creating an exceptional opportunity for knowledge and practice sharing within the humanitarian sector.

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