Highlighting the crucial role of gender analysis in work on health

News article 30 Sep 2015
LSTM Professor Sally Theobald

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine has been proud to host the Steering Committee of RinGs earlier this week. RinGs is an initiative that seeks to encourage greater gender and ethical analysis in health systems research.

There is a large body of knowledge on feminist ethics but all too often this work doesn’t intersect with the broader portfolio of health systems research, to its detriment. RinGs is working with researchers from around the world to build capacity for intersectional analysis through a small grants programme and learning platform. It brings together academics who are engaged with the Resyst, ReBUILD and Future Health Systems Research Programme Consortia. RinGs is funded by the UK Department for International Development, a funder with a strong commitment to global health and gender equity through their research portfolio.

RinGs is affiliated with the LSTM Gender and Health Group, a multi-disciplinary platform which has led on this area across LSTM since 1995. Professor Sally Theobald says: “I am delighted to bring together such a learned and well networked group of health systems researchers. The insights that are being generated by RinGs have the potential to inform our work here at LSTM, in our research partnerships, and beyond.”

Asha George, who is leading RinGs from her position at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, says: “RinGs is a vital platform linking researchers exploring gender and ethics across the world. It is a vital and exciting opportunity to learn from one another from the ground up across different contexts.”

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