Episode 3: Re-imagining TB treatment (or) the Challenge of TB treatment and the need for Change!

Media 17 Mar 2022

Featuring guest speakers Timeo Mtenga from the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust and Naomi Walker from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, this episode looks as TB treatment challenges and future solutions- we cover topics including: 

  • The challenges faced by people living with TB 
  • The complexity of TB treatment 
  • Guests’ new research on TB treatment, and how this will affect change

Dr Naomi Walker

Senior Clinical Lecturer in Experimental Medicine, LSTM 

Consultant in Infectious Diseases and General Internal Medicine, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

I am a clinical academic specialising in Tropical Medicine and Infectious diseases. My major research interest is TB immunopathology and the influence of HIV infection on TB disease. I completed my PhD at Imperial College London and at University of Cape Town. Before moving to Liverpool, I was a Clinical Lecturer at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. In addition to UK, I have clinical experience working in South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Australia. 

Timeo Mtenga

Research Clinician, Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust

I am Timeo Mtenga based in Zomba, Malawi. I have mainly studied HIV-TB, particularly in low resource settings. Under the LSHTM project, I am currently conducting two HIV-TB clinical trials (CASTLE and ITB-TBR) with the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust research organisation. In my 5 years of research experience, the STAMP study contributed to policy formulation of HIV-TB management at the national level and internationally informed other partners like WHO. Now I am pursuing a Master's degree in Clinical Trials with the University of London.