MRC Confidence in Concept (CiC): Accelerating Product Development

Event 1 Jan 2013

The MRC CiC Tropical Infectious Disease Consortium, is a partnership between leading UK institutes involved in translational research in tropical infectious diseases and includes the Research Centre for Drugs and Diagnostics (RCDD) at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the Jenner Institute at Oxford University and Public Health England Microbiology Services in Porton Down

Through the complimentary skills at each institution the aim of the partnership is to deliver a high number of scientifically excellent translational projects in the following areas;

  • Diagnostics
  • Therapeutics
  • Vaccines
  • Vector control tools
  • Translational focused Informatics
  • Translational enabling technologies

Over the past two years, with support from the MRC, and following external peer review the consortium has awarded 17 translational projects (some 50% of applications) at a level of  app. £50,000 per project. 

Recent awards include 5 projects that are collaborations within the consortium, 5 projects that include academic partners external to the Consortium and 5 projects that involve industrial partners.  The funded themes included 2 drug discovery projects, 1 adjunct therapy project, 1 intervention (bed nets), 4 vaccines development projects and 3 diagnostic discovery/development projects. 

The Tropical Infectious Disease Consortium has been successful in gaining an award of £500k for 2015 and a further call is scheduled for Q1 2015 which will be allocated to eligible projects via an open, competitive and externally peer reviewed process.

Day Meeting: The MRC CiC Tropical Infectious Disease Consortium will hold a day meeting on Feb 13th 2015 at LSTM in Liverpool. 

Delegates: The MRC, MRC CiC awardees, academic and SME/industry investigators wishing to engage in translational research which has potential for impact on health in resource-poor settings.

Aim: To catalyse future scientifically excellent translational projects


  • To highlight opportunities/facilities/expertise within the consortium for collaborative research
  • To showcase breadth and depth of projects, highlighting those that have already made significant progress/success
  • For the MRC to inform awardees and interested parties of pathways to further translational research funding (e.g. DPFS/TSB etc)

Registration:  Anyone wishing to register for this event should email Mrs Angela Travis on,  by close of business Friday 23rd January 2015.