LSTM Seminar: “Klebsiella pneumoniae population dynamics and antimicrobial resistance”

Event 1 Feb 2019

A seminar by LSTM Dr Eva Heinz

Dr Eva Heinz completed her Masters and PhD at the University of Vienna comparing non-pathogenic to pathogenic Chlamydiae. Supported by a Marie-Curie fellowship and a Fellow Laureate Post-Doctoral Research Associate position, she gained experience as PostDoc investigating  reductive genome evolution of eukaryotic parasites (Newcastle University, UK) and bacterial cell surfaces (Monash University, Australia). Her recent research at the Sanger Institute as part of Gordon Dougan's and Nicholas R. Thomson's team, and her current focus, are on pathogen genomes and population dynamics of infectious disease pathogens, and how this is impacted by antimicrobial resistance.

Dr Heinz joined LSTM as lecturer January 2019, to address the global health threat of spreading resistance, its impact on pathogen populations and the balance between intrinsic and acquired resistance mechanisms.


Click here to see a recording of the seminar