LIV-Dx (Liverpool Diagnostics) welcomes you to a talk by Remy Teyssou, Scientific co-ordinator for the Partnership for Dengue Control.

Event 18 Sep 2015

Partnership for Dengue Control (PDC) is an initiative that was formed in 2013 in response to the changing paradigm for dengue control.

The purpose of PDC is the following:

■ Vision: Eliminate dengue as a public health problem
■ Mission: Promote development and implementation of innovative, integrated, synergistic approaches for the prevention and control of dengue
■ Objectives: Advise and support the WHO global strategy for dengue control

Accelerate innovations in vaccines, vector control, antivirals, clinical management and therapeutics, diagnostics, surveillance, and social mobilization
Strengthen advocacy, capacity building and networking

Remy will speak on current progress and challenges in Dengue control including vector control, vaccine development, diagnostics and surveillance.

Anyone wishing to speak to Remy on a one to one basis should contact Emily Adams (