Malaria (…easy as ABC)

20 Sep 2017

Panagiota Kakridas, DTMH September 2017

Time is passing unnaturally fast, it seems impossible that we have already completed three weeks of this diploma. We settled into ‘Malaria’ week and got to learn all about the Anopheles mosquito and the destruction she brings. This week was our first in-depth look at this particular subject, where we immersed ourselves into all things Malaria, from epidemiology, microbiology/parasitology and vector control to the clinical aspects of the disease. 

None of us will ever forget the new radio edit of the Jackson 5 song courtesy of Dr Chris Moxon:





On day 1, 2, 3,
Think about PQ after day 3
A.C.T , 123
Treating malaria competently

OK in trimester 2 and 3
Else give quinine +/-clin-da-my-c*
For 7 days instead of 3
7 days instead of 3”

NB: PQ  = Primaquine. Clindamycin only in P.falciparum

I have decided to extend this and added a few extra verses… The next challenge is for someone to record it...!

Plasmodium O-va-le
Unlike P.malar-iae,
Leads to relapsing d-i-sease
O-va-le Same as vi-va-c
Treating malaria competently

P. falcipa-ri
Can cause severe di-sease
Although some may have imm-un-ity
Worse in children and elderly
Treat with ACT, ASAP!

From a social perspective, there was another birthday celebration this week (Happy Birthday Paul!) which was an excuse for us all to play mini golf and socialise on a school night. Additionally, the new masters students have joined us at LSTM and this was celebrated with a joint lunch with international food. This week marks the start of both the Liverpool food and drink festival, as well as the Liverpool comedy festival so plenty for us all to explore. Until next time friends...!