Information and updates for applicants and offer-holders concerning 2021/22 Academic Year and COVID-19 related issues

Information and updates for applicants and offer-holders concerning 2021/22 Academic Year and COVID-19 related issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any changes to the programmes on offer based on COVID-19 restrictions?

Our Masters Programmes and most of our Professional Diplomas are running from September 2021 onwards and are open for applications. 

Our model of education 

All our Liverpool-based MSc programmes will offer a blended learning approach i.e., a mix of online and on-campus teaching during the 2021/22 academic year.

We appreciate and value the importance of face-to-face learning and interaction as an integral part of your student experience and for building relationships with peers and academics on your programmes and for improving attainment levels.   We will ensure that plans are in place to enable a safe experience based on national COVID-19 guidelines. 

Blended learning includes face to face delivery by academic staff in Liverpool as well as via Brightspace, our virtual learning environment. You will encounter a range of virtual classroom activities, digital teaching tools, learning resources and other activities with our academic staff and the wider LSTM student community. Students on laboratory-based programmes continue to access lab sessions in Liverpool as required by the programme.

In all of our face-to-face teaching and laboratory sessions, we will follow UK government guidelines on social distancing as required at the time.

As a broad principle and subject to COVID-19 conditions permitting, we anticipate typically between 2-3 days per week will be spent on campus in face-to-face learning enhanced by online learning activities and self-study on other days.

Students will need to be on campus and attend the face-to-face learning sessions.

The blended delivery of programmes facilitates an interactive and structured mix of learning activities which enables you to connect closely to your cohort and the academics delivering the programmes. As learners, you can engage with a variety of activities, many collaborative, which encourage dialogue and engagement in real-world problem-solving.

This model is currently for Semester 1 and 2 modules.  Semester 3 remains is an immersive semester in your Research Project with full supervisory support.

This blended approach is based on our expectation that by the autumn, some in-person teaching will be possible for students. However, this will of course be dependent upon the scale of the pandemic at the time.  

If a decision is made to move to more online delivery, it will be made through consultation and advice from Public Health England and Liverpool City Council. This will be communicated to existing and potential students at the earliest opportunity.

Dates for Academic year 2021/22 MSc programmes 

The academic year commences on September 13 2021 with induction week for Liverpool-based MSc programmes.

Please note the MSc Tropical Disease Biology has an introductory day and field trip that commences on 7 September 2021. 

LSTM Online Global Health programme

The programme is running as planned without any changes and commences on September 6, 2021.

Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTMH)

This programme commences on August 23, 2021. The programme is delivered in a new and innovative blended-learning format. Further details can be found here.

Diploma in Tropical Nursing (DTN)

The programme commences on November 22, 2021.

LSTM Postgraduate Research (PGR) Programmes

Candidates for postgraduate research degrees can continue to submit enquiries to in the first instance for entry to October, February, and August 21/22 programmes. Candidates are encouraged to proactively contact academic supervisors to present research proposals for prospective collaboration.

Students wishing to apply for any of our programmes can apply online.

Will the COVID-19 situation affect my application to LSTM?

We are receiving increased interest in our programmes given the direct relevance to the wider COVID-19 pandemic.  Our Admissions Team are working very hard to process all applications and answer all enquiries with the intention of issuing offers as quickly as possible. However, there may be some delays in decisions given the increased volume of enquiries and applications. Please bear with us during this period.

Please also be aware that our team is mostly working remotely.

Can I get a refund on my tuition fee deposit if I am unable to attend the programme or travel due to coronavirus?

Yes. LSTM will refund the £1,000 tuition fee deposit for any student who is unable to take up their place due to ongoing disruption associated with COVID-19.  This also applies if you have paid the full fee.

Candidates for postgraduate research degrees are not required to make an advance deposit or payment of full fees prior to registration on their programme so therefore would not be eligible for refund.

How can I track the status of my application?

You can track your application status by logging onto MyLSTM here . There is a forgot password assistance on this page in case you have forgotten it.  Your username is your email address.

Can I post my transcripts to LSTM?

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to receive transcripts by post. However, please do send scanned copies of your documents along with our application to our Admissions Team.

If you have already posted transcripts, please can you resend these as electronic versions to

Can I defer my offer?

We recognize that the current situation is dynamic and as such may require students to consider deferring their offer to study. If you wish to defer, please can you advise us at


How do I get more information on support for accommodation?

We are now joined with Liverpool Student Homes (LSH) who will be able to help you in your search for accommodation: . We advise students to use LSH as they offer support services that would not necessarily be available with other providers or private accommodation providers.

You can contact them:


Tel: 0151 794 3296 

How will I find suitable accommodation?

LSTM does not own its own accommodation. However, we work closely with Liverpool Student Homes (LSH) to make sure you receive professional guidance around a variety of accommodation options.  LSH strive to ensure that you will have a positive experience living and studying in Liverpool.

If you would like to live with other LSTM students, check out the LSH discussion boards .

International Students

What are my options if I am unable to travel to Liverpool and arrive on time for the start of a programme?

There are several options to consider:

  • Where there is good reason, we will exceptionally allow a short period of late arrival for some programmes subject to prior approval.
  • Defer your postgraduate course to September 2022. If you choose to do this, you won’t need to apply again. You will need to email  and our admissions team will process this deferral request.
  • Withdraw your application. If you choose this option, we will refund any payment of deposit or other fees paid in advance.

Please do contact  if you wish to discuss your situation. We will endeavour to provide as much support as possible in order to aid your decision.

English Language: I've taken my English language test but haven't received the results?

Please check the test provider’s website as this should provide details around what arrangements are in place.  Whilst some test centres are closed it may still be possible to contact them via email.

What should I do if I am unable to access English Language proficiency tests where I live due to COVID-19 related closure of centres?

We recognise that you may be unable to book a test at this moment due to closure of test centres.

We advise that you visit the websites of key providers for further updates:


We have been informed that some providers have provided free online practice sessions during this period that include free computer-delivered IELTS familiarisation test  and their free IELTS practice tests. Free TOEFL test preparation resources  are also available to support students preparing to take a TOEFL iBT test. 

Will LSTM exercise more flexibility on accepting other English language tests?

LSTM recognises a number of English language tests, including TOEFL iBT, Pearson PTE and IELTS. In response to disruption caused by COVID-19, we're now able to accept the following online tests for face to face 2020 entry: 

Full details of all acceptable English Language tests are available on our web page at:

English Language Waiver – Am I eligible?

For Online programmes and Professional Diplomas, we can accept alternative forms of evidence for English Language.  This can include school certificates (see list), Education Criteria (if your degree was taught in English) or via Work Criteria.  Full details of this Waiver Scheme are available.

Student Advice and Wellbeing (SAW)

What type of support do you provide for students?

The Student Advice and Wellbeing (SAW) team is here to support you throughout your programme. Members of the SAW team have many different functions and are here to ensure that you feel personally supported and that you have an excellent student experience. We provide information and guidance around adjustments for students with disabilities, one to one mental health and wellbeing support, links to psychoeducation resources and eBooks, careers and professional skills building opportunities, networking events, social activities and a dedicated monthly student newsletter.

The SAW team works with colleagues across LSTM on a Wellbeing Champions project. The Wellbeing Champions are a team of dedicated professionals who have a passion for health, wellbeing and happiness. The team run events and activities throughout the year which focus on bringing people together to celebrate good health and to help members the LSTM community to feel connected. Events and activities are promoted internally and via the Wellbeing Champions Twitter channel @LSTMWellbeing .

What will my student experience look like?

COVID-19 has changed the way we work, study and socialise. LSTM is committed to providing you with the best possible student experience that you can have during this time. There will be a mixture of face-to-face and online activities as well as opportunities to meet with staff at LSTM to provide you with all your support needs whilst ensuring your safety and wellbeing.

We understand the importance of socialising and making friends whilst studying. During the LSTM induction there will be opportunities to connect with your peers as well as other LSTM students through a variety of sessions that will be delivered face to face or online. LSTM is committed to ensuring that you feel part of our community that you are able to network and make friends.

What types of face to face and online support do you have in place for students?

The SAW team provide drop-in sessions, bookable one to one disability support appointments and mental health and counselling sessions. In most instances, sessions can be offered over the phone, email, or Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, as long as it is safe to do so and time differences allow for this.

Students and staff at LSTM have access to Lifeworks, which is an online personal wellbeing platform that can be accessed 24/7, 365 days from wherever you are in the world. Lifeworks provides information, resources and counselling either in person or remotely. The platform is anonymous, private and safe. We recommend that all students create and account at the start of their students and access the resources regularly to receive tips and suggestions on how to get the most of your studies and how to stay physically and mentally healthy.

What support is available for students with disabilities?

Students who disclose a disability to LSTM will be invited to reasonable adjustments in co-ordination with the Student Experience Officer. You will be asked to complete and return a Learner Support Questionnaire. Once we have received this information you will be invited to discuss your individual disability-related information with the Student Experience Officer either over the phone, via Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams.

Module tutors will ensure materials and teaching sessions are as accessible as possible and have access to a range of good practice guidance and technology assistance.

If you are a student from the UK, and require specific software and/or equipment, we advise that you apply for Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) as soon as possible as the application process can take up to 14 weeks.

Library provision

What type of library provision will be available for students commencing their studies in September 2020?

We have moved our enquiry service for staff and students online. We encourage people to make use of online resources, such as eBooks and journals. Please email the Library team if you have any questions.

In line with the latest COVID19 guidelines, our current library access will be as follows:

  • Library opening hours will be 11:00 – 15:00 (Mon – Fri)  
  • Study spaces are restricted to 25
  • Sanitising materials will be available for use in the library
  • Wearing of  face covering are mandatory bar instances of a medical exemption

As we move to September 2021, we are hopeful that we will be able to extend both the opening times and study spaces available for students subject to COVID-19 regulations permitting us to do so.  

Print materials

Wherever possible we will provide electronic copies of key textbooks. A ‘Click and Collect’ service will be in use.