Emergency Obstetric and Quality of Care Unit

Emergency Obstetric and Quality of Care Unit

Professor Charles Ameh

Professor Charles Ameh leads the Emergency Obstetric & Quality of Care Unit (EmOC&QoC) and is co-Director of the World Health Organisation Centre for Research in Maternal and Newborn Health, alongside Professor Dame Tina Lavender.

The research focus of the EmOC&QoC unit includes evaluation and implementation research aimed at strengthening health systems for women and newborns. Specific areas of research include Antenatal Care (ANC) and Postnatal Care (PNC), Emergency Obstetric Care (EmOC), Quality of Care (QoC) and Obstetric clinical care monitoring tools.


We collaborate with partners across the UK and internationally to ensure our research is high-quality and directly applicable to global health priorities.

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