Sayem Ahmed

Health Economist

Sayem Ahmed is a health economist with extensive experience in health economics research in developing countries. He is in the final stage of completion of his post-graduate research study (PhD in Health Economics) at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. He published widely in health economics with a focus on cost-analysis, out-of-pocket payments, health insurance and inequality in healthcare in developing countries. He was a member of Bangladesh National Health Accounts Committee of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. He conducted several studies as a consultant of the World Health Organization and The World Bank. He taught health economics as an adjunct faculty at Independent University of Bangladesh.


Sayem’s current research deals with health and economic burden and socioeconomic variations in snakebite as well as cost-effectiveness analysis of Snakebite Emergency Response Systems (SERS) in sub-Saharan Africa.  The project is multidisciplinary and includes research teams in the UK, Nigeria and Kenya. His subsequent research interest is to inform local and international health policymaker on importance of investing more on snakebite interventions in sub-Saharan Africa.

In addition, Sayem is keen on research related to financial risk protection in low and middle-income countries. He conducted studies on the effect of community-based health insurance and employer-based scheme on utilization of healthcare and related out-of-pocket (OOP) payments. 


TROP937: Key themes in international health and health policy
LIFE236: Topics in global health

Selected publications

  • Ahmed, S., Hasan, Z., Maclennan, M., Dorin, F., Ahmed, M. W., Hasan, M., … Khan, J. A. M. (2019). Measuring the efficiency of health systems in Asia: a data envelopment analysis. BMJ Open, 1–12.

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