Rosheen Mthawanji

Wellcome Trust Masters in Public health and Tropical medicine fellow

I completed my BSc in Biological sciences at the University of Malawi Chancellor College, where as a final year project I worked on calculation of Entomological Inoculation rates to measure transmission in Chiliko village.

I joined Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme (MLW) under Dr Anja Terlouw as an intern in the malaria group, where I was able to secure a Wellcome Trust Fellowship in Public health, under the Supervision of Prof Hilary Ranson, Dr Christopher Jones and Dr Themba Mzilahowa.

I am currently studying an MSc in Biology and control of parasites and disease vectors with LSTM. After completion of my MSc, I will be joining the MLW vector Biology team under Dr Christopher Jones.

My research interests are Insecticide Resistance, Vector behaviour, fitness and control.