Dr Rosie Steege

Research Associate

Rosie completed her PhD at LSTM titled 'Time for transformation: supporting community health workers on the path to gender equity' and holds an MIPH from University of Sydney. Prior to this she gained several years experience working in the private healthcare sector.

Her research focuses on community health systems, gender equity and accountability.

Selected publications

  • Steege, R. Taegtmeyer, M. McCollum, R. Hawkins, K. Tolhurst, R. Gomez, W. Rashid, S. Datiko, D. Otiso, L. Chikaphupha, K. Sidat, M. Ahmed, R. Ormel, H. Kok, M. and Theobald, S. (2018) How does gender impact the working lives of close to community service providers? Empirical research, a review and conceptual framework. Social Science & Medicine, e, 209, 1-13. 

    Steege, R., Waldman, L., Datiko, D.G., Kea, A.Z., Taegtmeyer, M., & Theobald, S. (2018). ‘The phone is my boss and my helper’ – A gender analysis of an mHealth intervention with Health Extension Workers in Southern Ethiopia. Journal of Public Health, 40, ii16-ii31.

    Betron, M., Bourgeault, I., Manzoor, M., Paulino, E., Steege, R., Thompson, K., et al. (2019). Time for gender-transformative change in the health workforce. The Lancet, 393, e25-e26. 

    Steege, R., Taegtmeyer, M., Ndima, S., Give, C., Ferrão, C., Sidat, M. and Theobald, S. (2020) Redressing the gender imbalance among Mozambique’s community health workers: Analysing recruitment and retention. Human resources for Health.

    Give, C. Ndima, S. Steege, R. Ormel, H. McCollum, R. Theobald, S. Taegtmeyer, M. Kok, M. Sidat, M. (2019) Strengthening referral systems in community health programs: a qualitative study in two rural districts of Maputo Province, Mozambique. BMC Health Services 19:263.