Dr Lisa Ford

Clinical Adviser (NaTHNaC)

Lisa Ford has worked at the Liverpool School since 2000. Prior to her appointment at the School she had travelled extensively including periods of work abroad in New Zealand, Nigeria and Antarctica. She originally trained as a general practitioner and specialises in travel health medicine. She works as a clinical advisor for the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) and in the travel clinic at the School.


She teaches travel medicine on the DTMH and to wider audiences in the UK and internationally. 

Other relevant expertise, professional memberships

  • Fellow of the Faculty of Travel Medicine
  • Associate Member of Royal College of Physicians

Selected publications

  • Oral cholera vaccines: use in clinical practice. Lancet Infect Dis 2006 Jun;6 (6):361-73. Hill DR, Ford L, Lalloo DG.

    The outcome of peripartum cardiac failure in Zaria, Nigeria. QJM 1998 Feb; 91 (2):93-103. Ford L, Abdullahi A, Anjorin FI, Danbauchi SS, Isa MS, Maude GH, Parry EH

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    Medical student electives: risks of illness, accidents and assaults at different destinations Ford L.I, Beeching N.J, Platt M.J. NECTM 2006.

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