Dr Caz Hales

Honorary Research Fellow

PhD in Nursing, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ; PGDip in Clinical Nursing, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ; BNurs (Hons) Nursing Studies, University of Birmingham, UK. RN.

Member of the Editorial Board: Nursing Praxis in New Zealand

Professional Registration: Nursing Council of New Zealand; Nursing Midwifery Council, UK.

Dr Caz Hales, is a lecturer at the Graduate School of Nursing Midwifery and Health, Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand. Caz has a research background in health care practices and service provision for obese patients, health-related social stigma, and attitudes and perceptions of health care professionals towards obesity. Caz is the co-founder and researcher for the Bariatric Management Innovation (BMI) initiative which supports the development and delivery of safe, appropriate, equitable care and service provision for very large patients.  In 2016, Caz was awarded the Excellence in Research Award, from Capital and Coast District Health Board (New Zealand) -Celebrating our Success Awards for her contribution to research in the field of obesity management and service provision. 

Caz joined the LSTM team as an Honorary Research Fellow in June 2016 having taken 2 years leave from her university position to work as part of the clinical team for the EHPC studies. Her role in the EHPC team was to co-ordinate specific governance and clinical aspects of the commercial and publicly funded pneumonia vaccine related studies.

Currently, teach postgraduate nursing and health students on the Master of Nursing Science programmes at Victoria University Wellington.


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