Health Systems Strengthening

The long-term aim of the programme is to assist project countries in improving the performance of their health systems and achieve better health outcomes for their populations. CNTD works with health staff and other partners at national, sub-national (province and district) and community levels to develop and strengthen essential services that reach all those in need.


Elements may include:

  • Technical training
  • The development of skills through advice and mentoring
  • Advice in long-term planning

CNTD also has a long-established track record of building capacity and developing skills within project countries in planning, monitoring and evaluation as well as developing and field testing innovative tools and methodologies to address programmatic constraints. 

CNTD facilitates and organises peer to peer, south/south collaborations and technical training that provide valuable experience for trainers as well as fostering links between national programmes and colleagues. 

Since 2009, CNTD has supported the establishment of NTD laboratories which are now progressing to achieve international quality standard and become regional NTD hub laboratories.